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Seminars + courses

Communication skills seminars,
corporate language courses and online training


Annual report translation, proofreading
and text services

Moderating + team building

Interactive conference design and
cross-cultural team building

Developing your corporate language with communication consultancy, training and translation

We have been helping our customers with all of their English language needs for about 25 years. As specialists in verbal and written communication, we have the knowledge to advise our customers and help them find the ideal solution for their needs.

As well as providing regular English lessons for corporate customers, for whom we hold weekly group sessions, we also offer individual communication skills training to make cross-cultural collaboration within the workplace easier.

We can also organise and lead sales meetings and international kick-off events on our customers’ behalf, for example training staff in areas such as values-based collaboration and change processes.

All of our trainers and specialist translators are native speakers of the training or target language and have worked for us and our customers for many years. Every customer always has a designated person to contact about their training and translation needs.

Over 25 years of experience

We have 25 years of experience in running training sessions, seminars and language courses.

Over 3,000 seminars

We have successfully carried out more than 3,000 seminars with over 10,000 participants.

Over 600 annual reports

We have accurately translated more than 600 annual reports into English.

Over 30 trainers

Our training team comprises over 30 trainers from more than eight English-speaking countries around the world.

Skills your employees need

During a change process, it is particularly important to support your employees with communication in English and successfully implement projects on an international level.

Our trainers give expanding companies the support they need to achieve global success. By providing individually tailored solutions, we ensure that your employees can communicate effectively in English and successfully carry out every aspect of their roles as managers, sales staff and project managers during international collaborations.

Our customers benefit from a mutual exchange of knowledge during our training sessions and seminars, improved solidarity amongst their staff and greater employee satisfaction. This in turn boosts the overall performance of the team. We will gladly support you in helping your employees to push beyond their boundaries to a place where they feel secure and successful.

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Virtual classrooms and online training

Our virtual classrooms offer a live learning experience to companies with employees in different locations or remote teams. This is an up-to-date solution that reduces travel time and costs and offers maximum flexibility without sacrificing quality.

Virtual seminars go beyond webinars or online courses by incorporating more hands-on practice and interaction. The number of participants is limited to ensure all the benefits of personal communication and individual attention.

The virtual format mixes live webinars with self-study, peer review tasks and feedback to create variation in focus and flow of information. This allows attendees to get the most out of the seminar and put their new skills into practice right away.

Personal contact

We always provide you with a dedicated contact person. Your EnglishBusiness partner will manage every stage of your project, from initial enquiry through delivery of service to adjustments or additional requests.

High quality

At EnglishBusiness, we are a team of experienced, native-speaking trainers and specialist translators who undergo extensive initial and continuous training.


Our company has specialised in language seminars, communication skills seminars, language courses and providing expert translations in both German – English and English – German for 25 years.