Agile language learning – it’s all in the mix

Blended Learning

Course goals

Blended learning is a custom language training solution designed to fit entirely around your needs. Combining face-to-face learning with a personal online training path and/or flexible telephone training, blended learning can be tailored to your specific language needs and busy schedule. Can’t commit to weekly lessons or fixed seminar dates? No problem! Once registered, you can log into to your own personal account when it suits you – be it in that half hour between meetings or while on the road. This truly is agile language learning.

And the real beauty behind a blended course is that you can still get all the benefits of traditional face-to-face English lessons. Use the online portal to brush up on your skills before meeting with your trainer or to consolidate what you have learnt in the previous lesson. EnglishBusiness will allocate you an experienced trainer so you can put all that hard work into practice. How many times you want to meet up in person is up to you: flexibility is at the heart of blended learning. This is efficient, cost-effective learning at its very best and with you at the centre.

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