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At EnglishBusiness, we’ve started making lemonade! Of course, we’re not literally producing beverages, but we are finding opportunity in the adversity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With remote work being the new standard for the foreseeable future, traditional language and communication seminars are currently not a realistic option. We moved quickly to take our seminars online and found that the virtual format offers surprising benefits!

For most companies, the work environment has changed drastically, posing entirely new communication challenges for teams and managers. Meetings have moved from conference rooms to conferencing apps, business trips have been cancelled and coffee breaks are lonesome. But people are also embracing new technology, streamlining processes and saving on travel time and costs.

Despite the changes, the demand for communication training and professional development is still high. If you want to level-up your online presentations, boost the efficiency of your internal communication or bring the team closer while working from home, our virtual seminars provide a unique professional development and teambuilding opportunity for remote teams.

What is a seminar?

At EnglishBusiness, we have two types of seminars. In language skills seminars, we focus on the English language in the context of the participants’ roles. In communication skills seminars, we focus on tools and strategies for a specific topic, such as negotiations, meetings, sales, project management or leadership.

Our seminars can be run using any of the established video conferencing platforms, like Zoom, MS Teams or Google Hangouts. One of our most experienced trainers or coaches will lead the session. Two days and a maximum of six participants allow you to dig deep into the topic, get some hands-on practice and have all your questions answered.

What are the advantages of virtual seminars?

Attending a virtual seminar comes with many benefits:

  • Flexibility – complete the tasks whenever it suits you
  • Accessibility – materials are always accessible and can be downloaded to work offline
  • Speed – work through the preparation material at your own pace
  • Feedback – receive written feedback from your colleagues and an expert trainer
  • Ease – no need to make or commit to travel arrangements

There is a seminar for every purpose. Here is what to expect from the different options.

English language seminars for business

Who should consider it?

Although there is always good reason to improve your English, often a specific event can trigger the need:

  • Changes in the company, such as international clients or partners or a change of company language
  • Changes in your team, such as new international team members
  • A new role that requires more communication in English

What options do I have?

EnglishBusiness offers English language seminars for human resources, meetings, assistants, telephoning, negotiations, daily business, presentations, finance and international projects.

What can you expect to learn?

Our language seminars focus on the language of a specific topic, not the skills. You’ll learn vocabulary and terminology, useful phrases and pronunciation.

How will it help you in your job?

  • You’ll be able to express yourself more fluently and bolster your confidence
  • Speaking English confidently will allow you to work, manage and network on an international scale
  • Completing a language seminar prepares you to work on more specific communication skills

Communication skills seminars

Who should consider it?

Communicating with others is a vital part of almost any job. For some roles, however, competence in specific skills profoundly affects your performance. If you are managing projects, negotiating contracts, motivating teams or pitching to clients, you will need more than just language ability.  These seminars are aimed at those who already have a firm grasp of the language. A communication skills seminar will give you the tools to excel at your role on an international level.

What options do I have?

EnglishBusiness AG offers communication skills seminars for sales, presentations, negotiating, working across cultures, facilitation, meetings, leaders, international projects and writing.

What can you expect to learn?

  • Proven communication strategies
  • Constructive feedback from a native speaker
  • Cultural considerations
  • Relevant and current communication theory
  • Your personal style of communication

How will it help you in your job?

  • Strategic and purposeful communication helps you to achieve your goals
  • It’ll assist you to build better relationships with clients and colleagues
  • You will be a great representative of your team and company to other stakeholders

Are you planning to invest in your company’s language or communication skills? Give us a call and find out what we can do for you!

Laura Blackburn

Laura Blackburn
Operations Manager, Head of Learning & Development

Laura is from England and studied German and English literature in Exeter and Kiel. At EnglishBusiness she manages the trainer team, ensures a high standard of quality and still enjoys teaching. In her free time you’ll find her cycling around Hamburg, in a salsa club or practising Dutch. In this blog she writes about language learning and cultural differences between Germany and the UK.

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