What’s the best way to learn business English?

Learning Business English

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A lot of people want to speak better English at work. Learning business English is a question of finding the time for some, and stepping out of their comfort zone for others. The key to success is a practice-oriented course with fast results that is also fun. Where are you supposed to find that? We’ve got an idea!

There are hardly any industries that you can get by in without any knowledge of English at all. You need it for customer meetings, negotiations with suppliers, networking at trade events and often just in daily correspondence. English lessons should include the appropriate content for you.

Learn targeted English with our CompactMINI seminars

Our CompactMINIs are designed to prepare you for the tasks you face within your specific industry. They offer a solution-oriented, compact and effective (re-) introduction to the English language. This means participants have lower inhibitions and higher motivation.

Of course, we aren’t the only company to offer English courses. So what makes EnglishBusiness’s courses so special?

Interactive live teaching with experienced trainers

Good trainers make all the difference when it comes to motivation and learning outcomes. Our trainers are native English speakers and experts in communication, intercultural skills and international business.

We don’t believe in traditional classroom teaching, because interaction and open dialogue are key to tailoring the lessons to the participants and achieving sustainable progress. Accordingly, we have developed interactive formats for both face-to-face teaching and online seminars. We give you the knowledge and the skills you need.

Targeted topics – compact and directly applicable

For us, English training is not something that should be separate from work; in fact it can immediately complement your everyday life. In practical terms, this means that our lessons focus on situations that participants regularly have to master in English. This could be product presentations, business emails, clear telephone communication or negotiations.

The relevant linguistic and communicative tools are not only explained, but immediately practised and consolidated. The learning outcomes are directly applicable in everyday business life. This is not only effective, but also motivates the participants.

Language lessons with intercultural experts

Communication and intercultural competence are deeply linked at EnglishBusiness. Although the focus of these seminars is on linguistic elements like pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, the cultural aspects are just as important for putting the language to practical use.

We don’t just want to be linguistically understood, but to communicate effectively and appropriately. Our trainers are well versed in concepts like low-context and high-context culture and can use this knowledge to complement the language training.

By the way: For companies we offer a communication seminar on intercultural competence!

Online or at the office

We offer our CompactMINIs in two formats.

CompactMINIs require a B2 level in English. If you are looking to work on your English fundamentals, consider our language seminars with language evaluation.

Optimal introduction to more extensive training

Whether you are a company or an individual, our seminars are ideal for getting started in business English. If you feel like more after the first seminar, you can combine several CompactMINIs. You might feel ready for a more comprehensive communication seminar afterwards!

As always, the first step is: Get in touch and find out how we can help!

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