Communication Skills for International Projects

Communication skills

Communication that keeps everyone on the same page

Project managers and team leaders face a huge range of communication challenges on a daily basis. Not only do they have to speak convincingly with stakeholders at all levels, but they also have to communicate the need for resources, clarify the complications of risks and sell tough decisions. Working with different nationalities and cultures heightens complexity and means participants often hold different expectations or priorities.

Our two-day intensive seminar will help you develop skills to target communications effectively to different audiences, and to communicate emotional topics such as risks, changes and clashes. You will also have the chance to assess your persuasive ability and decide which types of communication work best at which stages of project team development.

Seminar content

A typical two-day programme covers a selection of the following topics:

  • Overcoming challenges working on an international project
  • Choosing the best ways to communicate with different stakeholders
  • Utilising active and passive means of communication
  • Making convincing arguments: the 7 C’s of effective communication
  • Communicating risk, uncertainty and change effectively
  • Adopting best practices for handling remote team meetings
  • Understanding the economic cost of communication failure in projects
  • Dealing with digitalisation in international projects
  • Using agile methodology
  • Handling cultural differences in communication style skillfully
  • Handling clashes and misunderstandings
  • Honing diplomacy skills
  • Enhancing persuasiveness
  • Refining communication at different stages of project development

Target group

This seminar is ideally suited to managers working in an international environment who are looking to develop their already excellent communication skills and hone their expertise. This seminar is held in English and focuses on communication skills (as opposed to language elements).

At a glance

  • Two days
  • In-company seminar – max. 6 participants; dates and prices available on request
  • Seminar at an EnglishBusiness training centre – max. 6 participants; locations, dates and prices available on request

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Marlen Schrader

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