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Leading meetings effectively, negotiating contracts and presenting new ideas convincingly: skills you’d like to improve?

Our custom one-on-one training programmes are the perfect solution. We offer practical and effective language training adapted to the challenges you face every day.

EnglishBusiness selects a highly-qualified trainer to suit your needs who not only has plenty of teaching experience, but also knows your sector inside-out. They are completely flexible in terms of time and location. Weekly classes, one-on-one training on demand, premium training or blended learning.

You decide what suits you.

In our mini group key communication skills training, your employees will learn how to give effective presentations, negotiate, lead and motivate people in English. We create a custom training plan for your company, taking into account the unique aspects of your sector and your corporate culture.

We assess your employees’ existing English skills and divide them into groups based on a combination of these results, their individual learning needs and personalities.

The trainer then comes to your offices once a week on a set day at a set time. We offer mini group communication skills training in the greater Hamburg area and Frankfurt am Main. Each training unit lasts 90 minutes.

When you want to optimise

Blended Learning

Blended learning is a form of language training where the course is tailored precisely to your individual needs. It combines in-person teaching, personal online training paths and flexible lessons over the phone to create a blend that suits your personal language needs and requirements.

Weekly lessons and fixed seminar dates don’t suit your schedule? No problem! Once registered, you can log into your personal account whenever it suits you, whether that means in a half-hour break between two meetings or on your train home. We call it agile language training. And you still get all the benefits of in-person teaching.

Use training methods that suit your learning style to refresh your existing knowledge before you meet your language trainer, or to consolidate what you have learnt in your last lesson. EnglishBusiness provides an experienced language trainer to help you put your hard work into practice. How often you meet them in-person is up to you. In blended learning, flexibility is king. It’s an efficient, cost-effective way to learn from the best trainers – and it’s always focused on you.

Our innovative blended learning concept can be used with almost all of our most important communication courses and language seminars. If you work in HR and need to make sure that your team’s English skills are always up to scratch, contact us to find out more about the unique monitoring tools we offer alongside our blended learning packages.

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