Land the job of your dreams in English

Job Interview Preparation

Course goals

We carefully match you with a trainer who specialises in interview strategies and communication skills. Our trainer will prepare you for commonly asked (but difficult to answer!) interview questions and offer advice on your verbal and non-verbal communication skills. You and your trainer will simulate the interview itself (with or without video feedback) to practise and build your confidence.

Job Interview Preparation is available in several different formats so you can choose the option that best fits your schedule.

Flexible or short-term training

Our interview training courses are available for clients in the greater Hamburg or Frankfurt am Main area. You determine the location of your training as well the number and duration of the training sessions.

Premium training

The most nerve-racking interviews are the daily business of our premium interview trainers. With backgrounds in HR and relevant business experience, they prepare you for the most critical assessment centres and demanding future employers.

Blended learning

Want to add an online or telephone element to your interview preparation? With our blended learning packages you can consolidate what you have practised with our trainer at your convenience online.

Need help translating your CV or cover letter into English? Contact our project managers in the Translation department for a free offer and we can provide you with a professional English version of your application materials!