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Presentation Dry Runs

Course goals

You’ve spent hours putting together a presentation or sales pitch and now you want some honest feedback from an objective third party? A presentation dry run (or two or three) provides you with the chance to practise holding your presentation or impending sales pitch and to get advice, tips and tricks for improvement from a highly qualified trainer who specialises in presentation training. You can run through your presentation in a one-on-one or, if you are holding the presentation in a team, a small group setting.

Using video recordings, the trainer’s feedback to you or your team will not only focus on language issues, but also on essential communication factors such as body language, pitch and intonation, confidence and the ability to respond to questions from the audience.

Our Presentation Dry Run courses are available in two different formats so you can choose the option that best fits your schedule.

Flexible or short-term training

Does your busy schedule demand flexibility? Or do you need a short-term solution to help you prepare for an important sales pitch, presentation or a conference? Our flexible training option allows you to choose when, where and how often (with a minimum of 4 x 45 minutes per month) your training sessions will take place.

Premium training

Our premium training can prepare you for even the most high-pressure situations in English. A trainer with a specialised professional background in your field can give you the support you need to present your company at a roadshow, answer difficult questions posed by international investors, hold a speech in front of a large audience, moderate an emergency meeting or diplomatically talk your way through the crisis your company is facing.

Whether you have several months or just one week to prepare, our most senior trainers with expertise in your specific field will help you get your English communication skills – and your confidence – in shape for the big day. You choose when, where and how often your training sessions will take place.