A truly blended solution

at DB Systel GmbH

DB Systel

DB Systel contacted EnglishBusiness after they found their staff requiring increasingly high levels of English within a growing international setting. The HR team’s aim was to provide flexible language training while remaining cost-effective. EnglishBusiness’ solution was to design a programme in which participants meet face-to-face with a qualified trainer to work on their business skills, and in addition are able to consolidate these lessons with a personalised online training path and telephone training. After detailed data security checks, the programme was piloted in 2015 and has been running successfully ever since. This blended learning solution affords staff the flexibility to learn when it suits them while participants still benefit from all the advantages of face-to-face training.

“We received very good feedback from the participants; the continuous, more individual learning paths led to a clearly perceived improvement in results.”

Birgit Beykirch, Head of Strategic HR Planning