Broadcasting success

Job-specific English courses at is a fast-growing company with an ever-increasing presence on the international market. They contacted EnglishBusiness looking for a language partner to support the changeover to English as the company language. More than a year into the relationship and the partnership has gone from strength to strength. A huge factor in this success has been the participants’ willingness to learn and their confidence to try new techniques to improve their English. EnglishBusiness now teaches two weekly courses at the company, where, under guidance from the trainer, participants choose topics for discussion relevant to their own jobs. With a range of different roles represented in the groups, topics are as wide-reaching as English for presentations, conventions, meetings as well as the ability to succinctly summarise texts. In addition to these regular group courses, the same senior trainer also teaches weekly one-on-one sessions with the managing director of EnglishBusiness offers strong language support across the entire company.

“Sharlie’s lessons are characterised by a good mix of personal dialogue and work-related topics. She is very attentive and corrects our mistakes in a friendly and understanding way.”

Vivian Bechmann, Ad Manager