English across the board

at Serviceplan Group


Serviceplan contacted EnglishBusiness looking for a strategic language partner for its growing international team. Now the largest owner and partner-managed agency in Europe, Serviceplan needed a flexible solution tailored to its business. Enter EnglishBusiness. Following an initial evaluation round with over 120 employees, EnglishBusiness now runs eight regular courses at Serviceplan in Hamburg. Due to the high level of English among the 50+ participants, these lessons can be tailored to cover job-specific issues, with a focus on conversation skills as opposed to traditional grammar topics. Furthermore, one of our most senior trainers also coaches eight managing directors in individual and one-on-two sessions. These highly specialised lessons allow Serviceplan’s top-level executives to develop English communication skills such as presenting, negotiating, answering difficult questions and brainstorming techniques.

“As an international agency, it’s extremely important that our staff are confident using English. In EnglishBusiness we have found a partner able to cater to all our needs – from Trainee to Chief Executive.”

Bettina Prange, Head of HR Hamburg

“The feedback from our employees is always extremely positive, and we are delighted at the progress they are making in English.”

Katharina Tente, HR Manager