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Communication is about more than just knowing a language. Being able to communicate authentically in English means that your staff are able to act just as confidently, and debate, negotiate and convince people just as well as in their native language.

This is the objective our communication training courses are designed to achieve. Our project managers can advise you on the most appropriate communication seminar format for you.

By focusing on your goals, we can offer you seminars that are planned down to the finest detail and precisely adapted to your individual situation.

Our trainers are exclusively native English speakers, degree-educated and hold extensive teaching qualifications. Our senior trainers also have wide-ranging experience as consultants and industry knowledge, offering even greater value to the learning process.

Our English language seminars are tailored to your needs. We offer the ideal seminar for every sector.

Whether you want to feel more confident in meetings, negotiations or presentations, our language seminars are designed to cover typical situations and ensure that participants understand how to use English correctly within them.

Our trainers will focus on your individual needs and explain how to use figures of speech and presentation techniques appropriately.

Seminar participants return to their roles with new confidence, ready, willing and able to implement what they have learnt.

Language seminars can be used across all departments. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Quick and condensed


Our CompactMINIs put your learning into hyperdrive. Do your employees struggle to find time for a language seminar, or to attend weekly English classes? Then you need a flexible, targeted solution.

Our CompactMINIs cover a variety of topics and are designed to teach and develop your staff’s most vital English communication skills in the shortest possible timeframe. The best part: all of our CompactMINIs can be combined with personalised online training. So participants can refresh their existing language skills before the session and consolidate what they have learned afterwards. This blended learning approach provides the perfect combination of in-person and online training.

Your staff can select the right CompactMINI for them from our list of subjects. Each CompactMINI comprises a concise teaching unit and practical exercises, and takes just 180 minutes to complete.

This makes them ideal for short internal training sessions. Groups are limited to eight participants. The courses require existing level B2 English language skills as a minimum. However, we also offer two CompactMINIs for B1-level participants. The CompactMINIs can be used in any combination that suits your needs. EnglishBusiness CompactMINIs get straight to the point: they’re fast, great value and effective.

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