Communication skills seminars

Communicate convincingly

Communication skills seminars

Communicating in English can be demanding and getting across your point of view in a second language is always a challenge.

Having the appropriate vocabulary and making your arguments convincingly is essential in tough negotiations.

Our trainers will help you master these goals. Your employees will feel more confident and able leading to increasingly intentional and successful communication in the future.

Our seminars have a clear focus and are tailored to your individual needs. Our experienced trainers utilise the most up-to-date teaching methods and will encourage your employees to put their skills into practice.

  • We will prepare you for communication challenges that occur frequently in intercultural environments
  • Learn the skill of active listening
  • Provide clear answers to client objections, challenges and setbacks
  • Discuss how contacts from different cultures prefer to be treated and develop learning techniques for going into new cultures
  • Understand how to draw on your innate EI (emotional intelligence) to improve social capability

Our seminars focus on you as a learner, rather than on lecture content. Every content section makes use of mindmapping, team-teaching, group and individual work, coaching, practical exercises and demonstration. The seminars are interactive, and training materials will serve as a reference for long-term results, even after the seminar has ended.