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Precise translations of annual reports, CSR reports, legal texts and corporate communication

For about 25 years, EnglishBusiness has been a trusted partner for listed companies, providing professional translations of annual reports, CSR reports, legal texts and corporate communication.

All of our processes, from receipt of your enquiry to delivery of the completed translation, are transparent and stable procedures. Our translators, proofreaders and project managers all work together as a team. Our Translation business unit was certified according to the ISO 17100:2016 standard in November 2018.

When translating your texts, we only work with native speakers of the target language who are also experts in the subject matter. Client-specific language resources ensure the consistent use of your corporate language.

This makes us your go-to specialist for written communications on any topic and in both language combinations: German to English and English to German.

We offer premium translations in the following areas:

Investor relations communication and annual report translations

Your choice for IR and financial communication

  • Trusted partner of many of Germany’s leading DAX companies and IR agencies
  • Team of in-house native speakers
  • IFRS or HGB
  • Fast turnaround

The financial market is becoming increasingly international. The demand for multilingual financial reporting has never been greater.

As an investor relations professional, you need a reliable, competent and flexible partner for your translations. We can support you in translating press releases, ad hoc announcements, AGM invitations or IPO communication.

Our expertise covers not only the linguistic aspects, but also the specialised knowledge of the sector and the conventions and idiosyncrasies of this type of communication. Together with our company-specific wording lists and experience in choosing the right translation style, we ensure that your publications speak to the intended target group, whether they are shareholders, analysts or the financial media.

High-quality financial translations you can bank on

Your choice for banking and finance translations

  • Trusted partner of many of Germany’s leading banking institutions
  • Accurate and up-to-date banking terminology
  • Fast turnaround

Alongside our many years of experience in financial translation, we at EnglishBusiness have built up a solid reputation among renowned German banks for our specialised banking translations. Whether you are looking for support in translating internal or external communications, our expert team is on hand to deliver accurate, specialised and high-quality texts when you need them.

Translations of corporate communication and PR

Your choice for corporate communication, marketing and PR translations

  • Consistent texts across your company
  • Trusted partner of many of Germany’s leading PR and advertising agencies
  • Team of in-house native speakers
  • Fast turnaround

Successful communication is key for any company. EnglishBusiness is your specialised and reliable partner for all corporate communication materials, including marketing and PR texts. We make sure that your employee bulletins and customer magazines, as well as material you publish in multimedia and online formats, embody your company’s corporate identity. Let us translate, proofread or edit your texts. With us at your side, you’ll make a lasting impression in both English and German.

Corporate Social Responsibility translations

Your choice for CSR translations

  • Trusted partner of many of Germany’s leading institutions
  • Your company as a global pioneer for corporate social responsibility
  • Accurate and up-to-date terminology
  • Fast turnaround

Despite being a relatively new industry, we at EnglishBusiness have already amassed a wealth of experience in the world of corporate social responsibility. We support some of Germany’s largest companies in the production of their CSR reports and have a range of clients in the renewable energy sector. Our own strong sense of social responsibility also makes us ideally placed to translate texts of this nature.

Human Resources translations

Your choice for HR translations

  • Twenty years of HR experience
  • Trusted partner of many of Germany’s leading companies and management consultancies
  • In-house team of native speakers
  • Fast turnaround

Human resources is an area of a company with numerous interfaces, both within the company itself and with the public. This can result in a wide variety of communication challenges. In a multinational company, this often means that the HR department has to produce documents not just in German, but also in English.

We are experienced in dealing with the specific requirements of different types of HR documents. We will gladly translate both your recruiting materials and your internal communications. We can also support you in the translation of news and social media materials.

We can support your employer branding, recruitment and employee retention initiatives. If you would like us to translate HR documents, training materials and leadership development content, we look forward to hearing from you. Our services are as diverse as your HR projects.

Translating legal documents presents a particular challenge. Translators require sophisticated linguistic skills in order to deliver high-quality, precise documents. The accurate translation of legal documents calls for experienced language specialists who are well versed in various legal systems and familiar with the specific terminology. This ensures that the meaning is conveyed precisely. We will gladly assist you with the translation of legal documents, including securities prospectuses, audit reports, articles of association, contracts, general terms and conditions or court judgements.

Translation of Contracts, Audit Reports or T&C

In international companies, parties from different language regions must often agree on written conditions of use, purchase, lease or cooperation. While only one version of a document can be legally binding, legal translations are still a valuable method of communication. The parties must know exactly what they are getting into and whether they are in a position to negotiate. With a professional translation, companies create more transparency for themselves and others, and open themselves up to the international market.

If you always read contracts and terms and conditions thoroughly, then you know how important it is to be able to understand these documents in your own language. Translators of legal texts have to not only understand the specialist terminology in the source text, but also transfer it to the target language in a way that is understandable. We guarantee the quality of our translations by only using native speakers of the target language who are very familiar with legal texts. Our service always includes an editing stage to ensure consistency, correctness and a high linguistic level. Thanks to our internal and external resources, the team is always informed about up-to-date terminology and your stylistic preferences.

If you have contracts with international clients or partners or you offer products overseas, it is worth having at least one English translation of the relevant documents. If you have a legal document in another language, we will support you with a high-quality specialist translation.

At a glance

  • Trusted partner of many of Germany’s leading legal departments
  • In-house team of native speakers
  • Quality assurance through translating plus editing
  • Accurate and up-to-date legal terminology
  • Fast turnaround
  • Certified translation service according to ISO Standard 17100

Certified Translation for Submission to Authorities and Courts

If you need to submit a document to the authorities or to a court, a certified translator needs to confirm the correctness and completeness of the document. The signature of the certified translator or a qualified electronic signature confirms that the translation is authorised by the court. The authorisation is especially relevant for documents in other languages, certificates and other official documents.

EnglishBusiness works with many experienced certified translators and is your trusted partner for the translation of your documents.

Prüfzeichen ISO 17100

How we work for you


Here at EnglishBusiness, all of our translations are carried out by experienced native speakers who have undergone a strict vetting process. All jobs, no matter how small, are then proofread in house by our team of expert linguists. We use a premium CAT tool to ensure consistency and accuracy in our work at all times and maintain client style sheets and glossaries – all at no extra cost to you.


Our project managers are available to handle your requests quickly and effectively. Last-minute changes to your current press release? No problem! We pride ourselves on our flexibility and will handle your projects from initial request right through to final delivery – implementing any changes that might crop up along the way.


Your information security is our utmost priority. When you commission a service from EnglishBusiness, we guarantee that all your details and files will not be shared with any third party. We encrypt all our emails and only outsource translations to our trusted pool of freelancers, all of whom have signed a confidentiality agreement and have encrypted email.


For about 25 years, we have focused exclusively on translation into both English and German. This specialised approach makes us experts in the field and enables us to focus our efforts in a targeted manner. Looking to reach a wider international audience? We work with a trusted and certified language partner to offer translations in all language combinations.