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Legal Translations

Translating legal documents presents a particular challenge. Translation and linguistic skill must be very sophisticated in order to deliver translations of the highest quality and precision. An experienced translator who is well versed in various legal systems and familiar with the specific terminology should carry out the accurate translation of legal documents. This ensures that the meaning is conveyed precisely. In short, it requires a specialist. We will gladly assist you with the translation of legal documents, including securities prospectuses, audit reports, articles of association, contracts, general terms and conditions or court judgements.

Translation of Contracts, Audit Reports or T&C

In international companies, parties from different language regions must often agree on written conditions of use, purchase, lease or cooperation. Only one version of a document can be legally binding, but legal translations are still a valuable method of communication for parties to know exactly what they are getting into and in what position they are to negotiate. Companies create more transparency for themselves or others with a professional translation and open up to the international market.

If you always read contracts and terms and conditions thoroughly, then you know how important it is to be able to understand these documents in your own language. Translators of legal texts have to not only understand the specialist terminology in the source text, but also transfer it to the target language in a way that is understandable. We guarantee the quality of our translations by only using native speakers of the target language who are very familiar with legal texts. Our service always includes an editing stage to ensure consistency, correctness and a high linguistic level. Thanks to our internal and external resources, the team is always informed about up-to-date terminology and your stylistic preferences.

If you have contracts with international clients or partners or you offer products overseas, it is worth having at least one English translation of the relevant documents. If you have a legal document in another language, we will support you with a high-quality specialist translation.

At a glance

  • Trusted partner of many of Germany’s leading legal departments
  • In-house team of native speakers
  • Quality assurance through translating+editing
  • Accurate and up-to-date legal terminology
  • Fast turnaround
  • Certified translation service according to ISO Standard 17100

Certified Translation for Submission to Authorities and Courts

If you need to submit a document to the authorities or to a court, a certified translator needs to confirm the correctness and completeness of the document. The translation is shown as authorised by the signature of the certified translator or a qualified electronic signature. The authorisation is especially relevant for documents in other languages, certificates and other official documents.

EnglishBusiness works with many experienced certified translators and is your trusted partner for the translation of your documents.

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