Text services + content creation

With us your copy is in good hands

Text services and content creation

Whether you would like us to edit and improve existing copy or create new content: with us your texts are in good hands.

Our experienced writers and editors provide proofreading, galley proofs, corporate glossaries and language style guides to guarantee the quality and consistency of your written communication.

If you are looking to publish an article or blog post, our English and German language specialists are here to help!

Prüfzeichen ISO 17100

Our text services go far beyond translations. Our editors will work on your texts until they meet the highest standards in language and terminology. Our products include:

  • Transcreation and copy-editing: Marketing and PR texts require more than correct language and terminology. That is why our editors adapt the tone and feel of these texts or translations to the cultural idiosyncrasies and standard of your target audience.
  • Proofreading: Better safe than sorry! Your written communication represents your company to clients and partners. A proofread prevents typos and inconsistencies in terminology and ensures that original texts and translations are up to standard.
  • Galley proof reviews: Once a text is printed or published, mistakes can become costly. A galley proof will eliminate errors in spelling, punctuation and line breaks and is a worthwhile investment.
  • Corporate wording glossaries: Consistent terminology will improve the clarity and recognition value of your corporate communication. We analyse your company’s written communication and create a valuable bilingual resource for your internal and external communication.
  • Corporate language style guides: A consistent corporate language requires informed decisions on linguistic preferences, spelling and style. With our 20 years of experience we will consult on difficult decisions and create a useful reference document for employees and external providers.