Your corporate identity in action

Corporate wording glossaries

In an ideal world, your website, marketing brochures and financial communication would all use the same language, strengthening your corporate identity – even in translation. The problem in many companies, however, is that texts are produced by different departments and by many different people. Different language preferences and views of the company can lead to inconsistencies.

This is why your employees need a guideline to apply whenever they write in the name of the company – this establishes a corporate language for everyone to follow.

Our solution

We recommend the creation of a bilingual corporate wording glossary that expresses your specific company language. Your glossary can be used as a guideline for all texts written in your company – for example, as a dictionary or wording list for internal or external communications. You can even share it with trusted business partners.

How we work

Via a specially designed questionnaire, we learn about you and your company, examine your requirements for the glossary and look at your existing approach and documents. Our team of experienced linguists then begins work on your terminology, drawing up a dual-language word list. In a consultation session, we discuss potentially problematic terms as well as the optimal usage and possible applications of the glossary. Your completed corporate wording glossary is finalised following a feedback round with you before final delivery.

In this step we can also agree on a suitable set of style guidelines, should you so wish. As language is always evolving, we recommend our glossary support service described above for the maintenance and further development of the glossary.