Transcreation: above and beyond translation

Transcreation + copy-editing

Transcreation is our newest and most dynamic product offering. More than just a freely translated text, transcreation can also include new copy and content that has been culturally adapted for your intended target audience. Primarily used for marketing texts, where a particular word or slogan may not resonate with your target audience, transcreation ensures that the message is localised for the audience in question. This stage is carried out after the initial translation of the source text has taken place.

So how does it work?

Before starting the transcreation process, our project managers get a briefing from you detailing:

  • Where the text will be read (printed ad, billboard, website text)
  • Who the intended audience is and where they are located
  • What the purpose of your text is (to inform, to entertain, to persuade, etc.)
  • What reaction your text should trigger

After that, our in-house team of experts can get to work on creating your copy!

Is your text already in English? Then check out our copy-editing service.

Copy-editing: making your texts shine

Do you have important English-language documents that need to impact a specific target group in the UK, USA or elsewhere? Or maybe your German colleagues have drafted English documents, and you want to ensure that the final versions sound like they were written by a native speaker.

Much like transcreation, copy-editing involves rewriting for a defined target audience. Give us your text in English and complete a short briefing, and we’ll deliver an English document written in a style and language that your target group will find compelling.

With our expert team of native speakers, we’ll make sure that your message reaches your targeted audience.