Virtual communication seminars

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Virtual communication seminars

Our virtual communication seminars offer a live learning experience to companies with employees in different locations or remote teams. This is an up-to-date solution for international companies which reduces travel time and costs and offers maximum flexibility without sacrificing quality.

Virtual seminars go beyond webinars or online courses by incorporating more hands-on practice and interaction. The number of participants is limited to ensure all the benefits of personal communication and individual attention. The seminar format mixes live webinars with self-study, peer review tasks and feedback to create variation in focus and flow of information. This allows attendees to get the most out of the seminar and put their new skills into practice right away.

EnglishBusiness currently offers virtual communication seminars for presentation skills and project management.

The Power of Engagement

Presenting is one thing, but engaging is something entirely different. Whether you’re leading a workshop, a meeting or a conference, active engagement and innovative interaction has the potential to leave a positive and lasting impact on your audience.

This training introduces innovative tools and strategies that will help you explain what you need to in an interesting and accurate way. Not only will you learn how to structure your presentation to ensure that your audience doesn’t miss key information, you will also receive tips and tricks to keep them alert.

Seminar content

  • The proper structure of an innovative presentation
  • Storytelling as a memory tool for your audience
  • Signposting and pacing
  • Influence and persuasion
  • Mastering question / answer sessions
  • Using your voice
  • Roleplays for practicing newly acquired tools and approaches


Trainer input, roleplays, virtual training tools, structured feedback


2 x 90 minutes live online tutorial + 10 hours of self-study

Maximum number of participants: 10–12

English for Presentations

Our English for Presentations virtual language seminar is designed for business professionals from all industries who present or are preparing to present in English. In its virtual format this seminar is a time- and cost-effective way to improve your language skills without impeding your work responsibilities.

A highly qualified trainer who specialises in the language of presentations will help you hone your linguistic skills, avoid common mistakes and deal with even the most nerve-racking presentation scenarios.

This language seminar emphasises practising real-life situations and key communication skills that can be directly applied to your daily work.

Seminar content

  • Using language to clarify your objectives and conclusions
  • Structuring your presentation and using language to “signpost”
  • Describing figures, graphs and trends
  • Mastering language tactics for taking and responding to questions
  • Using the appropriate vocabulary and tone for your audience
  • Practising relevant grammar points on an as-needed basis


Trainer input, presentation run-through, peer + trainer feedback


6 x 90 minutes live online tutorials over the course of 2–3 weeks with supplementary preparation tasks

Maximum number of participants: 6

Agile Communication Skills in International Projects

In a world where projects are often coordinated across countries and cultures, it is vital that working professionals have an understanding of how best to ensure everyone involved in a project is fully integrated. Whether you are liaising with international clients or managing internal projects, you’ll need effective communication skills to complete the project efficiently.

Through the use of stakeholder analysis & stakeholder management, this seminar will equip you with the tools to manage an international project effectively throughout all stages, to analyse your target group, choose the communication channels relevant for your project and decide with confidence on how best to communicate with all stakeholders, both internal and external.

Seminar content

  • Basics of project management in waterfall projects
  • Identification of relevant stakeholders and preferred communication methods
  • Use of participants’ own projects to create an elevator pitch
  • Basics of agile project management
  • Implications of communicating with a dispersed team
  • Communicating challenging topics
  • Client-specific case studies (additional option)


Trainer input, virtual training tools, theory and practice, peer feedback, self-study


2 x 180 minutes live webinar + self-study

Number of participants: 3–12

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